Water, Water, Everywhere...or not

Water is life! Period. Without water, most people will last for three days. Yet water is one of the things we take for granted. Just turn on the tap and out comes drinkable water...unless it's not!

Flint, Michagan is having serious issues with lead in its water supply. The problem is so severe that people there cannot just turn on their tap to get drinkable water. In fact, they must depend on the government to provide them with bottled water.

The minimum amount of water a normal adult needs to drink every day is approximately 1 gallon. That's about eight 0.5L bottles. So, a case of bottled water will sustain an adult for three days. It's a good idea to have water on hand in case of emergency. Just ask the people of Flint. For more ideas on preparedness, download our planning guide and hazard sheets here.

Here is a link to a recent article:



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