Getting Home after a Disaster

So, something terrible has happened. You’ve sheltered in place until it is safe to go out, but now your stuck without transportation for whatever reason (traffic jammed, bridge closed, etc.). Mass transit is unable to run for the same reason you can’t drive. You’re only option is to walk. Now what?

This is a situation that you and your employees should have planned ahead for…hopefully. Here are some recommendations.

First, you should have some things in your office or car. They should be in a carry bag or backpack.

  • Extra clothes, suitable for the season

  • Extra footwear, suitable for walking, such as running shoes or hiking boots

  • A hat and/or bandanna

  • Water

  • Food or snacks, such as protein bars or nuts and raisins

  • rain gear, such as a poncho

  • coat or jacket suitable for the season

  • sunglasses

  • earplugs (in an emergency, there will be lots of sirens)

  • multi-tool or swiss-type army knife

  • small tarp (really useful in heavy rain or snow for temporary shelter)

  • some sort of cordage such as nylon rope or cord

With these basic items, you can handle many situations. Chances are it will only be a long walk. but if the need arises, you can wrap yourself in the tarp for protection from the weather or put up a temporary shelter.

Does this seem far-fetched? Maybe, but wouldn't’ you feel better if you had a few items in a bag in case you had to use it. It's always better to have it and not need it, instead of needing it and not having it!

If you want more ideas on some basic necessities to have on hand, download the “Basic List" of supplies here.

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