Dangerous Times!

You don't have to look far to find danger in the world today! Just turn on the news to learn about the latest terror threats. Schools receive bomb threats, buildings close down because white powder spills out of an envelope, severe weather causes evacuations or sheltering in place, and fires burn down buildings and homes.

Sure, you have insurance to cover your losses, but what about things insurance doesn't cover? Things like peace of mind knowing you and your organization can handle everyday emergencies, knowing what to do in different disaster scenarios, and what to have on hand in case you need it.

I was once locked down in a building because of an active shooter incident. I watched people around me clean out the snack bar of candy bars and sodas because they couldn't get out to buy their lunch. A small inconvenience, you might say, but what if it lasted for more than a few hours?

A chemical or terrorist event could keep you locked down even longer! What if you had to shelter in place overnight? would you have enough clean water, food, and sleeping supplies?

That's why planning is important! In the case of the active shooter, I had tuna and crackers, as well as canned soup in my desk, and a case of bottled water. I was fine, and even offered some to co-workers.

Don't even know where to start? That's where DPS comes in! Download the basic planning guide and work through it. Get the scenario-specific information sheets to add depth to your preparedness plan by including the scenarios most likely for your organization (i.e. hurricanes for coastal areas, tornadoes for the midwest, etc.)

You'll feel better knowing you've prepared, and your employees will too.


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