Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions, we have answers...

 01  Why do I need to prepare?

Good Question!  Now ask yourself:  "Why do I have insurance?"  The answer is: because you never know what is going to happen.  During the Active Shooter situation at the Washington Navy Yard in in 2013, many of us were "locked down" and could not leave the building for hours.  Those who had not brought lunch either went hungry or ate the few snack foods that were available.  What if that had been for longer?  What if it lasted 24 hours?  How would they have eaten, slept, etc.?  




 02  Can't my employees take care of themselves?

Yes of course they can!  But do they know how to do it?  And if they don't take care of their own basic preparedness needs, how can they continue to function to run your business during a disaster?  By planning and preparing, you can ensure your employees, and therefore your business, is safe and secure and can continue to function.



 03  Won't the government take care of us?

​Yes, the government has enormous resources to take care of us all.  The question is:  How soon?  For a short term emergency, the government won't be able to move quickly enough to get to everyone.  Look how long it took to get relief to the hurricane Katrina victims.  By taking responsibility for your own preparedness, you take control of your well-being, just like having insurance.




 04  Is this going to be expensive?

​It doesn't have to be.  You can get started for as little as $39.99, plus tax where applicable.  You can do the planning process yourself, purchase the supplies your analysis recommends, and start feeling more secure right away.  If you need help, you can call or email with your questions.  Or, if you need hands-on assistance, we can schedule an appointment to help you through.




 05  Have a question?  Email us.

​Send us an email to  We'll get you an answer as soon as possible!